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Thursday, October 17, 2013

NYCC!! - photo heavy

New York Comic Con: Saturday 10/12

Last weekend a bunch of my friends and I attended NYCC. I usually go every year however, this is the first year that I decided to actually cosplay. Normally this would be totally outside of my comfort zone, but I really wanted to try something different. Initially me and my sister decided that we would do something together, but then her boyfriend and one of my friends also decided to join in as well. Me and my sister wanted to do something a bit easy and well known- so we went with Sailor Moon. I grew up watching this show, so I was so excited I was able to cosplay as something I really enjoyed. As a child I loved Sailor Mars. In my eyes she was so cool and pretty; also her personality is also most similar to my own.  I even have the same hair style as her, which made cosplaying her super simple. My sister decided to go as Sailor Jupiter since her hair is most similar to hers. As a joke, we convinced her boyfriend to cross-dress as Sailor Moon (skirt, hair, makeup and everything!). It was so hilarious and everyone who saw at NYCC definitely got a kick out of it. I think he even got hit on a few times while we where there. Since it was my first time cosplaying, it felt like so many photos were taken of us. Every time we tried to move, another person asked for a photo. Overall it was such a interesting and fun experience and I'm so glad that we decided to dress up! At first I thought that this would be a one time deal for me, however I definitely want to dress up next year. 

Photo time!!

I have the most awesome friends!! 

More photos will be on my tumblr! 


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  1. Hey, found your blog from instagram. I took a few shots of you at NYCC.